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Through my work as a coach in women's football, I came to the decision to provide female footballers with the service that is standard for men. Our agency, headquartered in Burgenland, is not limited to the mere procurement of employment contracts and transfer processing, we are always interested in long-term partnerships.

It is our goal to regularly support systematic career planning for young players and professionals.

In addition, we provide access to an international network of clubs and decision-makers in Europe's top leagues and support athletes not only during their active careers, but also in planning a future career. Together we develop individual future perspectives.

We are also available to clubs that do not have their own scouting department as observers and thus provide initial information about players or are specifically looking for players who can hold a position that requires action.

We are also available to help players who yearn for a jump abroad.

Our offer is divided into 3 categories, the exact details of which can be clarified in a personal conversation.

  • Player placement
    For players who are already at another agency or would like to remain independent, such as clubs that do not have their own scouting department.

  • Player advice
    Career planning, legal advice, financial advice, PR and media work, nutritional science and injury prevention, mental training and additional fitness programs.
    Here we organize everything for the player, all inquiries and contracts run through the agency.

  • Organization of trial trainings
    Do you think you should go to a better club or are you ready to go abroad?
    No problem! We try our network in Europe to give you this chance.

Prices and contract modalities are to be clarified in a one-on-one interview.


Crown Soccer defines itself as a team and also capitalizes the word "teamwork". One of the core principles for success in sport is building a strong team in which everyone can play out their individual talents in favor of strong team performance. We all share a passion for sport, competence for business and full commitment to ensure that our players receive optimal support.


Clemens Mahr, BEd

CEO & players agent

German, English, French, Norwegian


Chiara Veselská

Recruitment & Office

Slovak, Czech, German, English


For us privately, but also as a company, it is important that you always give something back in life to those who are not in the fortunate position of receiving top training, finding protection or having access to food.

That is why we also created the "Score for Africa" ​​association, which aims to offer young women in Africa a perspective in football, but also supports their school education.

Everyone is cordially invited to help.

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